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Your Genie will unlock the entire global market for your new and existing content.

Redistribute to new markets
Make more money

Your Genie can find and reach out to similar potential brands and sponsors for you.


Your Genie improves each time you make a wish, leading you to better and better results.

A proven system for growth

Your Genie has been trained on the same system that top creators like Mr. Beast use to reach millions.

How it works

Your Genie is a real, top 1% virtual assistant who we've empowered with cutting edge AI tools to grant your wish.


Make A Wish

Your genie can help with things as simple as data collection to complicated multi-step tasks like complete video and audio translation.


Answer some questions

Your genie will grab all the parameters of your wish to make sure you are completely satisfied.


Watch the magic happen!

Your Genie can leave the platform and perform actions on your behalf, such as managing the posting for your content or interacting with your comment section.


Start to see results

Your Genie can perform post-wish analysis to make easily track performance of your wishes.

Trusted by top creators

"My Genie has been instrumental in helping me scale my social media content across different platforms and regions. Not sure if I could do it without them."

Andrew Polo, 100k+ followers

It's like magic

Your Genie will be able to make your content and brand reach places its never been before.

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Effortlessly integration

Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for everything. Literally everything.

Integrates with your workflow do need to change

Fly through your tasks with rapid-fire keyboard shortcuts for everything. Literally everything.

Your wish is our command

Discover New Brands

Your Genie will reach out to the right contacts at brands that are relevant to your content with personalized outreach -- designed to get you more sponsorship deals on autopilot.

Translate Your Content

Your Genie will translate your video and text content to over 180+ languages with your voice and automatic lip-syncing. We'll then repost your content onto the leading local social networks.

Interact With Your Followers

Your Genie will interact with your followers for you -- representing you and your brand in front of your most loyal fans. Stay engaged and know what your fans are saying without having to be in the comments.

Find Engagment Techinques

Your Genie will track and research relevant keywords for your content and flag new, upcoming ones that you can use to fuel as inspiration for your next content series.

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Allows the user to track time on the go,

Automatic tracking

Automatically track the amount of time spent on different tasks


The app generates detailed reports.

Group tracking

Without the user having to manually start and stop a timer.

Task categorization

The app allows the user to categorize tasks into different projects

Automatic reports

These reports can be exported in a variety of formats